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Michael Tronn smiling for the camera

Michael Tronn

Creative Director / Chief Creative + Marketing Officer

Michael Tronn is a multi-hyphenate creative visionary and designer. He is the creator of the TIMBR concept and one of the founding partners of 3 Hospitality. 

Mr. Tronn is responsible for concept creation and interior and exterior design, plus marketing. He holds the triple title of Creative Director, Chief Creative Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer.

With over 30 years of experience creating experiences for people, he conceived and designed TIMBR as an immersive "symphony for the senses" from the environmental experiences to the food concept he envisioned, which he has named "Vineyard Cuisine", a fusion of American and European favorite dishes done beautifully elevated, as they would be served on a lush homey vineyard.

TIMBR is designed to inspire, enchant, and spark the imagination; to delight and excite every guest, so that their lives will be a bit better simply for visiting, a comfortable and familiar yet completely innovative respite.

To date, Tronn has attracted over 1 million guests and generated over $200,000,000 in revenue via countless immersive experiential activations he has produced in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. 

His client list is impressive including Cartier, Madonna, The City of Miami Beach, Warner Bros., ActiVision, MTV, Yoko Ono, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Bloomingdales, Ocean Drive Magazine, virtually every nightclub of influence, and The Make-A-Wish Foundation, to cite a few.

He was also hand-picked to serve on an 8-person Mayoral council in Miami Beach, where he overhauled the marketing, advertising, and branding for all of Greater Miami and The Beaches.

With careful intention, Tronn imagineered TIMBR in its famous space, bringing a fresh vision (and gut renovation) to make it new and original yet more comfortable and familiar than ever. 

Tronn believes that merging the familiar and comfortable with the innovative and dreamlike is always a winning combination, making TIMBR a restaurant and lounge destination for guests from South Florida and beyond, while always focusing on the local community.

"Nothing is accidental and everything is communicating to every person, intentionally speaking to them through the language, the art, and the science of experience design", Tronn says. 

He named, conceived, and designed TIMBR in its entirety down to the most minute detail (even the edges of each brick!) so it is a holistic and immersive theatrical experience that is alive! 

Prior to being a founding partner of 3 Hospitality, Tronn has been a force in nightlife, art, and fashion in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, and he is credited with being one of the first artists to exhibit in the now globally influential Wynwood Arts District. (Some say he started the mural trend.) 

Tronn has concurrently been exhibiting his art since he was a teenager in New York and he still does annually in Southern Florida.

Tronn's career has been heavily covered in the media and he is credited for his contribution to the cultural landscape in virtually every book on the subject.

TIMBR is the third restaurant he has dreamed up and created and it is the 34th venue he has lead.

Additionally, he produced four seasons of the international hit TV series, #RichKidsofBeverlyHills which aired in 196 countries and averaged 2,000,000 views per episode.  

Mr. Tronn is excited to work with his partners and their team and to expand his repertoire with the creation of TIMBR, building something entirely new for the fast-growing city of Fort Lauderdale and opening a dreamlike destination for all of South Florida.