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Our Story

TIMBR is the debut concept from 3 Hospitality. After several years in concept development and unprecedented design and construction, TIMBR is South Florida's most anticipated restaurant in years.

3 Hospitality was formed when Max Van Fleet, Paul Brown, and Michael Tronn created their partnership out of a shared passion to bring exemplary experiences to life for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. 

Each of the three gentlemen brings their unique experience to the partnership. Mr. Van Fleet has a long history of doing business on Las Olas Boulevard. Mr. Brown brings his extensive knowledge and experience managing operations for restaurant brands with dozens of locations spanning the nation. Mr. Tronn brings his decades of experience in Miami, New York, and LA, spearheading the launch of niche destination venues, global luxury brands, and celebrity projects to 3 Hospitality, where he is the creative director of the group who conceives and designs projects, including TIMBR, as well as marketing, branding and building community. 

With the vision for TIMBR solidified, the trio came to bring Robyn Almodovar on board as Executive Chef who has mastered the art of cooking at the famed Le Cordon Bleu and worked at many notable restaurants in Miami and the northeast. She has succeeded in bringing the holistic concept of "The TIMBR Experience" to every plate, where the food will be as beautiful and ethereal as the design.

TIMBR on Las Olas is 3 Hospitality's premiere concept and will open over Spring / Summer of 2024, with more to come.

Our Team