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Robyn Almodovar

Executive Chef

After an exhausting search for the perfect chef for TIMBR, the position has been awarded to Chef Robyn Almodovar, who is no stranger to competition.

She won first place on the TV shows, "Chopped' and 'Cutthroat Kitchen'. She appeared in Gordon Ramsay's "Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars" twice, and she was selected to be a judge on The Food Network.

Additionally, Chef Almodovar has been named "Top 30 Taste Makers of Broward County" by Broward New Times, "Best of The Best" by Miami New Times, "Top 40 Under 40" by Gold Coast Magazine, and she was named "Fabulous Five Female Chef’s - Flavors of Fort Lauderdale," as well as awarded the title of "Champion" of Iron Fork.

Needless to say, Chef Robyn knows competition and she knows cooking.

In competing for the coveted job of Executive Chef at TIMBR, she came to win, and she has, by miles.

At her pre-hiring tasting, she prepared a whopping 8 dishes, each more magnificent than the next, topped by her interpretation of s'mores, which was a chocolate pot de crème with layers of marshmallow and a graham cracker crumble served in a closed mason jar filled with smoke. We were wowed!

But her savory dishes were equally masterful, from a whole golden chicken to Beef Wellington, to her homemade pastas, and tri-color carrots, it was clear she understood what the concept of "Vineyard Cuisine" for TIMBR means; rustic, fresh, top quality meals that are also charming and creative while being comfortable, a touch nostalgic, and warmly familiar.

Now, as the Executive Chef of TIMBR, Chef Robyn is preparing a menu of delectable favorite staples from America and Europe alongside dishes that will change seasonally as inspiration strikes.

Chef Almodovar's culinary journey began at an early age in Staten Island, New York, where she was raised in a family that regularly shared the joy of making meals together, about which she says, "Cooking all day and tasting the love when it is finally complete is the best feeling in the world! And that is my style of cooking... cooking with LOVE. "

Her main influences in cooking have always been 3 people... Julia Childs, her mother and her Nanny.

As a child her favorite TV shows were Julia Child's cooking show, Bob Ross's painting show, and Richard Simmons' workouts, which she says, "kind of explains who I am today" she half- jokes.

Chef Almodovar's passion for cooking led her to pursue her formal education at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts where she graduated in 2006.

After her appearances on television and in the media she released her first cookbook, "Low & Slow Cooking: 60 Hands Off Recipes That Are Worth The Wait."

Before joining the team at TIMBR, Chef Almodovar honed her skills cooking in several well- known South Florida destination restaurants including The Forge, and DeVito's South Beach, owned by Danny DeVito.

In addition to her professional endeavors, she has a heartfelt passion to better the lives of children.

"I feel that the next generation is going to change the food scene immensely. By working with kids, I help educate them on the importance of fresh-grown vegetables. I work with low-income families and teach them simple, delicious, inexpensive recipes to cook at home. As part of the programs I work with, we are showing the next generation how to eat yummy food that is fresh, quick, and easy. We are making it cool to cook."

As a culinary artist, she is working with the visionaries and the entire team team to bring the enchantment and wonder of TIMBR onto each and every plate. Chef Almodovar has perfected TIMBR's concept in a synergistic concert crafted to be a harmonious feature in TIMBR's immersive universe.

Chef Almodovar is thrilled to collaborate with TIMBR's partnership team, concept creator and creative director Michael Tronn, Chief Operations Officer Paul Brown, CEO Max Van Fleet, and the entire 3 Hospitality team to present a menu of favorite dishes done to perfection, so that every bite is exciting and familiar, inspiring and heartwarming, creating a home away from home, and collectively presenting the vision of TIMBR to guests so that it is, "THE BEST!"